Our Program
Yoga Classes

Classes based on Kids Karma Yoga teaching methods which incorporate fun, playful and creative ways for kids to exercise and explore their mind, body, and spirit, and while learning about yoga. The use of animated poses and stretches promote strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Breathing and visualization techniques help teach children to focus, relax and develop self-control.

We believe it’s important to provide a positive, non-competitive environment for children to express themselves, one step at a time, toward a peaceful life with themselves and the world around them. With all this in mind, it is also essential for kids’ yoga to be fun.


Toddler Yoga (Ages 1-3) ***NEW***

In these classes, we will start to explore the exciting world of yoga! The classes incorporate music, stories and games to introduce yoga poses and concepts. But don’t be fooled — we are here to have fun and play while we learn! Parents are encouraged to participate in these classes as well.


Ages 4-6

In these classes, children will begin to learn and practice fun poses. The classes incorporate music, games and limitless imagination to guide the kids on endless virtual “adventures” where they will practice these poses, as well as learning partner and group poses. These classes would not be complete without music and games to help get the fun started!


Ages 7-9

Poses and games become a little more challenging here, but classes are still fun and playful. We will talk about the benefits of the poses and how the yoga poses make them feel. Classes will focus on coordination, balance and holding poses for longer periods of time. We will start to incorporate basic breathing exercises but will not get rid of our games and partner and group poses! Fun is still one of main goals!


Ages 10-12

Here we start to focus more on technique. This class will help in building self-confidence, outer strength, focus and concentration. Students help and encourage each other as they work on challenging partner poses, inversions, and games (we can’t take ourselves too seriously!) The importance of breathing and relaxation come to the forefront as we focus on inner and outer awareness.



This class begins the journey of learning how to honor our bodies, loving our inner and outer self. We work to find our bodies’ strengths and weaknesses and understand that wherever we are in our practice or life, we are perfect. We encourage the practice of more difficult poses, and allow plenty of time for restorative poses and the meditative journey.


Important notes

Classes are 45 minutes each. Parents should try to bring child(ren) a few minutes before the start of class to make sure that that they are ready to begin when class starts.
Cost per class is $10. A five-class punch card can be purchased for $40.

Use our contact form if you have questions or to register for a class.

Please complete the waiver form for your child prior to their first class.

Class Registration

To register for any of our classes please use our contact form and include the following:

  • Child(ren)’s name and age
  • Your contact information and best way to reach you (e-mail, phone, text)
  • The class(es) your child(ren) would like to participate in (date and time)
  • How did you hear about us?

Once I get your e-mail I will confirm that you are signed up for your class. If a class is full, I will make sure to get you on a waitlist or work with you to find another class that will work! If you do not receive an email confirmation from me within 24 hours, please call 608-772-0609.

Please bring your payment (cash or check) and waiver form to the first class.  Thank you!